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Vanity, update vinimum version
3e036491 — shabbyrobe 4 years ago
Fix error, go.mod
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Convert into library
b5bfa59e — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
merge Count based on the covermode

The cover modes are described as:
From [The Go Blog: The cover story](https://blog.golang.org/cover):

         The go test command accepts a -covermode flag to set the coverage
         mode to one of three settings:

         - set: did each statement run?
         - count: how many times did each statement run?
         - atomic: like count, but counts precisely in parallel programs

Previously, we were always merging like it was "set" mode. This change
instead handles the Count correctly for each `-covermode` type.
c01c9239 — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
af8dc8ed — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
don't increment Count, merge it

We don't want to increment the count, it should just be set to `1` if the
code was covered, and `0` if it wasn't. This can be accomplished by
a simple bitwise OR of the values so that if any coverage file has it
set to 1, the result will be 1.

Fixes #1
1ef98db7 — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
add README.md
c4babfd4 — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
BSD License
f5a2a8c7 — Wade Simmons 8 years ago
optimize gocovmerge

only search for sort matches after the last merge
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initial import