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#Bumpy - mucking around with the BMP headers of yore

Dunno why I got obsessed with the fine details of historical BMP and ICO files, but I did for a time there.

This maps out what I found before I moved off to do other stuff. It's extremely incomplete.

If you know of any corners in the BMP format or have any historical links, I'd love to hear about them.


Make some bmps in different versions using imagemagick:

convert -type Palette /path/to/clippy.png BMP2:/tmp/clippy-bmpv2.bmp
convert -type Palette /path/to/clippy.png BMP3:/tmp/clippy-bmpv3.bmp
convert -type Palette /path/to/clippy.png BMP:/tmp/clippy-bmpv5.bmp

As a CLI:

$ go install go.shabbyrobe.org/bumpy/cmd/bumpy@latest

$ bumpy hdr /path/to/clippy-bmpv2.bmp
(bumpy.BitmapHeader) {
 FileHeader: (bumpy.FileHeader) {
  Kind: (bumpy.HeaderKind) BM,
  FileSize: (uint32) 31706,
  Reserved1: (uint16) 0,
  Reserved2: (uint16) 0,
  PixOffset: (uint32) 794
 Header: (*bumpy.BitmapCore)(0xc0000b0050)({
  DIBSize: (bumpy.DIBSize) 12,
  Width: (int16) 181,
  Height: (int16) 168,
  ColorPlanes: (uint16) 1,
  BitsPerPixel: (uint16) 8
(bumpy.Regions) {
 ColorTable: (bumpy.Region) {
  Start: (int64) 26,
  End: (int64) 794
 Profile: (bumpy.Region) {
  Start: (int64) 0,
  End: (int64) 0
 PixData: (bumpy.Region) {
  Start: (int64) 794,
  End: (int64) 31706

#Expectation management

This is a tool I hack on for my own amusement in an ad-hoc fashion. No stability guarantees are made, the code is not guaranteed to work, and anything may be changed, renamed or removed at any time as I see fit.

If you wish to use any of this, I strongly recommend you copy-paste pieces as-needed (including tests and license/attribution) into your own project, or fork it for your own purposes.

Bug reports are welcome, feature requests discouraged, and code contributions will not be accepted.


bumpy is Copyright Blake Williams code@shabbyrobe.org 2022. It is licensed under a 0-clause BSD license.