Tools for working with Ruby's apiauth
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Add more useful stuff
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Move stuff from main.go into module
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Initial sketch


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#apiauth: Tools for working with the Ruby APIAuth authentication scheme in Go

The Ruby library is found here: https://github.com/mgomes/api_auth


  • Leeway in dates?
  • Add new digest algos
  • Add verification subcommand
  • Umm, tests?

#Expectation management

This is a tool I hack on for my own amusement in an ad-hoc fashion. No stability guarantees are made, the code is not guaranteed to work, and anything may be changed, renamed or removed at any time as I see fit.

If you intend to depend on any of this, I strongly recommend you copy-paste pieces as-needed (including tests and license/attribution) into your own project, or fork it for your own purposes.

Bug reports and feature suggestions are welcome, but code contributions will not be accepted.