Melbourne, Australia

Hi, my name is Blake. I code for fun. I have been known to code for food. I typically work with Go, TypeScript, Python or C. I enjoy Go a lot. I have worked with lots of other stuff.

See also https://github.com/shabbyrobe/


Tools for working with Ruby's apiauth


El-cheapo datadog server


Collection of Go modules to supplement the stdlib image packages


Bang rocks together to produce PNGs


Go port of rrenaud's gibberish detector


Go port of zlib's puff.c


Tasteful, flexible Go library for implementing CLI programs


Performance-oriented fork of the English porter2 stemmer github.com/dchest/stemmer


Experiments with BMP, the most underrated image format in the world


MyPy types for WSGI application authors


Convert "Copy as cURL" output to code


Merge coverprofile results from multiple go cover runs


Vim ctrlp extension to open netrw in a specific directory. Unmaintained, just use fzf.vim.

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