Melbourne, Australia

Hi, my name is Blake. I code for fun. I have been known to code for food. I typically work with Go, TypeScript, Python or C. I enjoy Go a lot. I have worked with lots of other stuff.

See also https://github.com/shabbyrobe/


Cheap and nasty read-only, fs.FS-based, grossly insecure SFTP server.


Experimental SQLite insert blaster


Quick and dirty tools for slicing up rubocop JSON reports


Simple filesystem project tool, like Git without the file history. Less useless than it sounds.


Command line Gopher Client (RFC1436)


Minimum viable gemini server for Deno. Not a serious tool by any stretch.


Go port of rrenaud's gibberish detector


Tasteful, flexible Go library for implementing CLI programs


Experiments with BMP, the most underrated image format in the world


CLI for piping to and from dataurls


Sorting networks for Go


Terminal image renderer


Collection of Go modules to supplement the stdlib image packages


Oh dear, surely not another React form handling library? An archived one, anyway.

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