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@@ 50,4 50,45 @@ ones!  Today I reused the container and when I went to attach the new
label, for _Cordia monoica_ Sandpaper Saucerberry (yay! five of those) I
found the old label and now I know what/where the seagrapes are.  :)

Four or five Red Hybrid Jaboticaba x _Myrciaria_, these grow large
grape-like fruits directly from the bark.

White Flesh Dragon Fruit cactus, was  _Hylocereus undatus_
now _Selenicereus undatus_, aka  _pitahaya_.

Three Bush Bananas, _Uvaria chamae_.

Hawaiian Name: _Alaheā€˜e_   _Psydrax odorata_

_Kadsura coccinea_ "Black" really just dark red/pink.

Tue Mar 21 12:18:54 PDT 2023

_Carlina acaulis_ ssp. _simplex_

_Chenopodium giganteum_ Purple Goosefoot

_Chenopodium capitatum_ Strawberry Spinach

_Panax pseudoginseng_  Himalayan Ginseng

_Meconopsis horridula_ Himalayan Prickly Blue Poppy

_Chijimisai_ _Brassica rapa_

_Mizuna_  _Brassica nipposinica_

Sat Apr  1 18:27:29 PDT 2023

I am bad at this.

I've planted a few things since last I updated this document.  Today I
planted three kinds of _Nicotiana_: _Nicotiana otophora_, _Nicotiana
rustica_ 'Rapa Nui', and _Nicotiana Tabacum_ 'Perique'.