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@@ 17,3 17,37 @@ I set some Golden Barrel cactus up to sprout.  Echinocactus grusonii.
The hoconoiste pack had two other non-cactus-looking kinds of seeds in
it.  Cucumber and maybe grape?  I planted a few of the latter in with the
Golden Barrel.

Sun Mar 19 08:53:35 PDT 2023

I should take an inventory of the folks I have here now.  It will
eventually be a fancy thing with maps and time serieses and photos and
time-lapse movies, etc.  For now I think I can just add notes here and
expand on them from there.

Wood Betony - _Stachys officinalis_

I have five of these now.  Two were inside and are a little larger, the
other three were outside in little 3" containers in one of the rolly
bins, and they were becoming overgrown with "weeds".  I repotted those
three and now all five are outside together, as the little ones survived
winter just fine.  I suspect that they will grow bigger with more room.

Sun Mar 19 17:58:23 PDT 2023

Planted _Annona squamosa_ and _Rollinia delicosa_, the sugar apple or
sweetsop and the Amazon custard apple, respectively.

I planted _Coccoloba spinescens_ seagrape, labeled it, but turned the
label away and forgot what they were.  Later I went to plant them again,
not realizing that I had done it already, and there was only one seed in
the packet and I was all bummed that I forgot where I planted the other
ones!  Today I reused the container and when I went to attach the new
label, for _Cordia monoica_ Sandpaper Saucerberry (yay! five of those) I
found the old label and now I know what/where the seagrapes are.  :)