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I can't find my notebook.

And it's too early in the morning to clean my room.  I want to grok
seeds and drink coffee.  THEN clean room.  But also, computerized garden
records FTW, eh?
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Botanical Garden

Notes, records, some sort of DB/CMS...

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Sun Mar 19 07:51:46 PDT 2023

I couldn't find my notebook, so I figure I'll take notes on the computer.

Yesterday, Sat March 18th, I cleaned and refilled one of the rolly bins
and planted wild blue rye, those cool globular flowers, some other grass,
and the giant Japanese cabbage.

I also stuck those yellow beets (or whatever) in the ground by the
driveway.  Good luck beets!  I planted a couple of the Red Epicure fava
beans too, I gotta prepare beds and plant the rest today.  It's raining
lightly now.

I set some Golden Barrel cactus up to sprout.  Echinocactus grusonii.
The hoconoiste pack had two other non-cactus-looking kinds of seeds in
it.  Cucumber and maybe grape?  I planted a few of the latter in with the
Golden Barrel.