command interpreter



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#Command Interpreter

The basic idea is that I'm sitting in front of e.g. a remote BSD virtual machine (such as teh OpenBSD server in Iceland I got for no reason...) I want a single binary, that talks over TTY (ncurses and ssh), and interprets a Joy dialect that has words (functions / commands / combinators etc...) for manipulating the system (AKA: a shell) and that also records the results (log the terminal sessions by default; not just history, the responses too.

Ideally this would be interecting with something like Nix OS where the whole system is designed for the philosophy, but I can bunt and just interact with a Git repo.

So, the language to use?

  • Compiled
    • single binary to distribute
    • small, fast
  • Git lib
  • Ncurses TUI support.
  • Not a pain in the ass.


  • Nim
  • Go
  • D
  • OCaml?
  • Factor?


  • Rust, Zig, Java, Lisps nor Schemes, ...

Mostly just personal taste.