Empty zeroth message simplifies err message selection.
Change variable name.

This is a goof thing to do?  Use enums for the message identifiers
instead of index ints into MESSAGES[]?  How to coordinate enums with
indexes?  Return char* error messages instead of ints for errors?
"Somebody else has had this problem."
Use a message list.
I want to report the details tho.
Extract a function!
Distinguish between too large and too small.
Not sure how my tabs got converted to spaces.

In 2023 this is still an issue.  Goddamnit.
Merge branch 'trunk' of git.sr.ht:~sforman/atsea into trunk

None of this C99 jazz.
Linux kernel coding style
Implicit rules FTW.

Just do:

    make heythere

And make knows what to do.
The adventure begins...