A try out of neat asm syntax.
Use PEEK to make DUP more efficient.

(Adding PEEK() to the script/asm file changes all the line numbers in
the debug file `assembler.output.txt` which makes the diff kinda "loud",
but check the resulting asm code at the end.)
Clean up a little.

Factor out the NEXT() macro (saves three instructions, incurs an
additional jmp, wonder if it's worth it?)

Fixes 2 and 3 from https://todo.sr.ht/~sforman/python-oberon/7
That seemed to work.

It changed line numbers of the source code, which changes each line of
the assembler.output.txt file, which makes the diff unusable.
Some junk I had laying around.
A start on Joy

from like a year ago
The C emu draws but my emu doesn't. :(
How did it ever work?

the '=' word wasn't PUSHing it's result!  D'oh!

I'm an idiot.
A start on linked lists,

courtesy of SICP.
Numeric literals, d'oh!

I should really add error reporting, eh?
Link USART and SPI to test orex.

Except my AVR programmers won't work.  One seems broken (red LED when
you plug it in) but the other (green LED and yellow blinking LED) seems
okay.  It appears in /dev/ttyU0 (I have to chmod it to let group (wheel)
talk to it) but then avrdude throws some kind of error and the
programmer switches to RED LED. :(

I took it hard.  It was working (it seemed) the night before, and now it
does not.  SO many possible problems: FreeBSD USB flakey?  Flakey
USB sockets or cables?  I toasted the programmers somehow (the likely
problem.  I'm not grounded.  There could be some issues with how I'm
connecting the programmer.  I think the chip should be powered when you
plug it in?)  The circuit on the breadboard could be wrong or the
connection mis-wired from the ISP even though I checked and rechecked.
I feel like a kid that got a rock for Christmas.  Stupid hardware.  I'm
going back to software.  He says, gazing longingly at the cold lifeless
LEDs on the breadboard.  I don't mean it.  I was really looking forward
to running Oberon machine code on a silly little AVR-based emulator, it
would have felt like using a real computer.


What am I doing with my life?  Is this just my model train set?  Will
anuone else ever benefit from what I'm doing now?

(I think I just need to go eat breakies.)  ;)
Display values as constants in the Forth code.
Constants and variables.
Read SPI and update LEDs.

Is that all there is?
I'm faking a CPU with some AVRs.
Misc bits of notes.