An emulator written in Python for Prof Wirth's RISC processor for Project Oberon.
A try out of neat asm syntax.
Use PEEK to make DUP more efficient.


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#Python Oberon

An emulator for Prof. Wirth's Oberon RISC processor ported from Peter De Wachter's emulator written in C (see below.) There is also a crude assembler.

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Start with:

python -i -m oberon emulate
  • If Pygame is available a screen will open of the standard dimensions of 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • This command will use disk.img by default.
  • At around 3400000 cycles the screen background begins to fill in, and at around 6500000 cycles the window content begins to be drawn:

PyGame window showing Oberon

(The -i option tells Python to drop into interactive REPL mode after the script has run. You can interact with the risc object.)