Simple test harness for Joy interpreters.


A collection of code and lore gathered from various sources.


Yet another static site generator. This one in GNU Prolog.


Joy in Prolog


An experiment in user interface design.


This is a simple file format for storing tabular content.


Joy interpreter in Nim


Some Prolog code for the Oberon Project.


An emulator written in Python for Prof Wirth's RISC processor for Project Oberon.


One Sunday I was messing around with Godot engine doodling and made a kind of "physics toy" (calling it a game would be too much, although it's a lot of fun.) There's a space ship, some asteroids and a little star. And that's pretty much it. You can fly around and bounce off of things. I didn't implement any collision logic, so everything is indestructable. You can herd asteroids, or bounce off the sun!


Simple knock-down-the-tower toy written with Godot 3.2


A cool animation effect in Godot 3 that looks to me like fusion generator plasma.


A Hex-based Sim Strategy Game & UI Experiment.


Experiment in Prolog server and UI

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