Igo, California


Weirdo, computer nerd, aspiring ecosystem co-creator, I've lead a strange and unlikely life. I dropped out of highschool and was homeless for several years. During that time I learned Reiki, and how to operate and program Linux computers. I decided to get a job as a programmer, so I created a project and presented it at CodeCon 2004. That led to a career as a computer programmer. I worked at several startups (including Etsy) and eventually as a TVC at the Google campus in Mountain View. Since then I have been semi-retired, and I've turned my attention to my other passion: gardening and ecology.


New home for Thun dialect of Joy


An emulator written in Python for Prof Wirth's RISC processor for Project Oberon.


Yet another static site generator. This one in GNU Prolog.


An experiment in user interface design.


Fun with META-II


Joy in Prolog


A webserver that graphs the spread of ideas.


Simple knock-down-the-tower toy written with Godot 3.2


An Operating System.


Simple test harness for Joy interpreters.


At C: time to (re)learn C.


command interpreter


A very simple computer.


Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

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