An experiment in user interface design.


Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.


Simple test harness for Joy interpreters.


A static "River of News" site generator.


A catalog of tools and techniques for living in harmony with Nature.


An emulator written in Python for Prof Wirth's RISC processor for Project Oberon.


A Forth for the RISC CPU from Project Oberon based on Jonesforth.


Joy in Prolog


Joy interpreter in Nim


A collection of code and lore gathered from various sources.


Yet another static site generator. This one in GNU Prolog.


This is a simple file format for storing tabular content.


Some Prolog code for the Oberon Project.


One Sunday I was messing around with Godot engine doodling and made a kind of "physics toy" (calling it a game would be too much, although it's a lot of fun.) There's a space ship, some asteroids and a little star. And that's pretty much it. You can fly around and bounce off of things. I didn't implement any collision logic, so everything is indestructable. You can herd asteroids, or bounce off the sun!

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