Update changelog for 2017.1-1 release
Update d/copyright and remove unecessary entries.
Update Vcs-* links and use https instead of http.
Bump standards version to 4.0.1 and compat to 10.
Updated version 2017.1 from 'upstream/2017.1'

with Debian dir 6dc0375a10b23d695c2fc2b96594246669f78ad9
New upstream version 2017.1
Update changelog for 2016.0-2 release
Bump Standards-Version; import project's public GPG key.
Update changelog for 2016.0-1 release
Add debian/watch file

A debian/watch file has been proposed by Thadeu Cascardo, so I've
added it to the package.

Thanks: Thadeu Cascardo <cascardo@debian.org>
Closes: #820673
Imported Upstream version 2016.0
Merge tag 'upstream/2016.0'

Upstream version 2016.0
Update changelog for 2015.1-2 release
Fix issues with debian/copyright formatting (lintian).

The GFDL license text was wrongly formatted and contained a typo.
Mention dual-licensing of manpages; add Vcs-* directives to debian/control

The manpages are dual-licensed (GPL-3+ or GFDL-1.2+), so it is
necessary to mention that in debian/copyright.  Also, add Vcs-*
directives to debian/control because now we are using
Imported Debian patch 2015.1-1
Imported Upstream version 2015.1