Including the JS deps on Depends as well
Adding pagure.links

We basically create symlinks for the necessary JS libraries on pagure
Adjust d/rules to install upstream on debian/pagure/ destdir
Adding more Build-Deps for pagure
Using version-agnostic names when loading jquery and jquery-ui
Differentiating short desc of packages
s/GPL-2/GPL-2+/ on d/copyright
Fixing typos on documentation.
Fixing doc-base file
Improve descriptions of the packages
Using net as d/control section
Use Project Management as doc-base section
Using /usr/share... instead of debian/tmp/usr/share on *.install
Add git as b-d for testing
More 'Use bare repo for testing'
Use bare repo for testing
Support python-bcrypt instead of the abandoned py-bcrypt
Install scripts under /usr/share/<pkg>/bin instead of /usr/lib/pagure/<pkg>

Also, set executable bit on milters script.
Adding d/source/options to ignore *.egg-info/