Update changelog for 0.5.11-2 release
Remove "Force SSL verification" patch

The patch "force-ssl-cert-verification.patch" was mistakenly included
in the last Midori release; this cased a regression because the user
cannot access a website that has a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate
anymore.  This change removes the patch and allows the user to trust
self-signed certificates again.

Closes: #799337
Update changelog for 0.5.11-1 release
Rewrite manpage

The old manpage was too simple and did not cover many of the options
supported by Midori on the command line.  Fixed that by rewriting it
almost completely, including many missing options, updating dates and
author, and improving the formatting.
Adding shlibs and lintian-overrides files

Due to the way libraries (i.e., plugins) are built by Midori (without
a proper SONAME), it is necessary (or at least recommended) to provide
a shlibs file that contains trustworthy information about the
libraries being installed on the system.

Unfortunately, it is also necessary to provide a lintian-overrides
file in order to silence some lintian warnings (mostly about the
shlibs mentioned above).  We'll have to work with upstream in order to
solve this problem.

Another lintian error that needed to be silenced was related to the
data/midori.swf file, present at the original tarball.  This file is
used just for testing (i.e., it is not installed in the system), and
is actually generated using the png2swf utility (from the swftools
package), which means it can be verified.
Revamp build system (use cmake instead of waf)

- Update debian/rules, removing old stuff (from waf) and adding new,
  simpler rules for the cmake-based build.

- Update debian/control, listing the new package maintainer and
  reviewed dependencies.

- Delete debian/waf-unpack file.

- Rename debian/config/{Debian,Ubuntu}.h files to

With this change, it is now unnecessary to create a DFSG-modified
version of the package, because Waf is not used as the build system
anymore (for more details, see Bug 645191).

It is possible to build the package now, but it still has some lintian
warnings that will be fixed in the following changes.

Closes: #663185
Closes: #758103
Closes: #787878
Update debian/patches for the new Midori version (0.5.11).
Merge tag 'upstream/0.5.11'

Upstream version 0.5.11
Imported Upstream version 0.5.11
Updating section names on debian/gbp.conf
Changing gbp.conf to not override the default tag name for releases.
597a5001 — Andres Salomon 8 years ago
Merge branch 'nmu-0.2'

ab721204 — Andres Salomon 8 years ago
Import Debian patch 0.4.3+dfsg-0.2
2d27f4a4 — Yves-Alexis Perez 9 years ago
remove myself from uploaders.
a92607d4 — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
Improve dh_auto_clean target in d/rules to handle some leftover files from quilt and waf
cd6899f1 — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
add new Build-Dep on libzeitgeist-dev
3c395dad — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
refreshed patches
5aa73dea — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
new upstream version, including the waf unpack changes made thanks to the NMU by Koichi Akabe
f5a8cd23 — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
bump version with +dfsg suffix
50549da7 — Ryan Niebur 9 years ago
Imported Upstream version 0.5.2+dfsg