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This file is licensed under the terms of the expat license, see the file EXPAT.

Midori is a fast little WebKit browser with support for HTML5. It can manage
many open tabs and windows. The URL bar completes history, bookmarks, search
engines and open tabs out of the box. Web developers can use the powerful
web inspector that is a part of WebKit. Individual pages can easily be turned
into web apps and new profiles can be created on demand.

A number of extensions are included by default:

* Adblock with support for ABP filter lists and custom rules is built-in.
* You can download files with Aria2 or SteadyFlow.
* User scripts and styles support a la Greasemonkey.
* Managing cookies and scripts via NoJS and Cookie Security Manager.
* Switching open tabs in a vertical panel or a popup window.

Requirements: GLib 2.32.3, GTK+ 2.24, WebkitGTK+ 1.8.1, libXML2,
              libsoup 2.27.90, sqlite 3.0, Vala 0.16, libnotify

Optional: GTK+ 3.0, gcr, Granite 0.2, WebKit2GTK+ 1.11.91/ 2.0.0

For installation instructions read the file HACKING.

Please report comments, suggestions and bugs to:

And join the IRC channel #midori on irc.freenode.net

Check for new versions at: