old fork of gh/kirbyUK's osric-cgi to work with irc-osric
d6a5e290 — Elliott Pardee 8 years ago
fixing int to intl
1f00b259 — Elliott Pardee 8 years ago
fix part 1
379a7fdc — Elliott Pardee 8 years ago
make "int" to "intl", to not confuse irc-osric


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A CGI script for creating an OSRIC character sheet and spitting out the JSON. This is intended to replace the previous project, osric-character-sheet-to-json. It intends to walk the player through the entire character creation process, and thus aims to be quite comprehensive.


Just fill out the form on the website and it should give you JSON. Pretty easy. The JSON should eventually make it's way to the lovely irc-osric bot, made by vypr. It'll be hosted on iotek hopefully, otherwise on one of my Raspberry Pis.


Currently, osric-cgi depends on the following non-core modules (and by extension - their dependancies):