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Web best practices: add "security" section

Add information on restricting site functionality.

Add some details on accomodating Tor users.
Web best practices: dark themes: Mention OLEDs

OLED displays use less energy when displaying darker colors.
Web best practices: async decode + fingerprinting

- Mention image async decoding
- Describe how width-selector use can enable JS-free viewport
Web best practices: link to two other places

Link to the XHTML Club and an article by Bill Dietrich.
Web best practices: link to ECT
Web best practices: mention Tor users

Simple sites should work well with the Tor Browser.
Clean up some relative urls again
Add recommendations for dark themes
Mention ELinks, Netrik

They're not very actively maintained, but they're still good for
Update some article tags
Add more details about image compression

- Include a sample command
- Describe my approach to deciding on the level of compression/cropping
Stylistic fixes (minor)

Nothing new, just re-phrasing and capitalization.
Add link to avifenc
Add idea for website testing: site translation
Update preferred approach to image processing

- Include AVIF
- Include dark/light variants if applicable
Article update: mention brotli

Brotli support is more prevalent than zstd
Reformat markdown with mdfmt
Shorten alt-text to recommended <100 char limit
Article update: include advice on avatar image

Include info on using an avatar image/profile photo without
significantly increasing the footprint of a website, by re-using the
favicon image.
Add 10 KB Club to web best practices article