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New engine: Kozmonavt
New engine: go.mail.ru
New search engine: Yioop
Add some info about Plumb

I contacted Adam from Plumb for more info and updated the section on
Plumb search.
Add "Rationale" and info from Matt

Matt from Gigablast answered some of my questions; I updated the article
with information from him. Some of that information found its way to the
"Rationale" section.
Add more details about some search engines
Add info on relationship between Plumb and Gibiru
New search engine: Plumb
CI/Makefile: reduce zopfli compression even more

70 iterations seems to be the point at which we hit diminishing returns.
The combined size difference of all *.gz files with 70 iterations and
1000 iterations is 65 bytes.
Clarify alternatives that support limiting by TLD

In the info for search.tl, clarify that its single-TLD search isn't a
unique feature; Google and Bing support a search operator to achieve the
same result.
Add two search engines, minor fixes

- Two new engines: search.tl and Anoox
- Replace some HTTP with HTTPS
- Add an <abbr> tag
- Spelling/capitalization
New engine: Meorca
Typo: s/Runaroo/Runnaroo/g
Add info about wbsrch's per-lang indexes
Add Search My Site

Reader-contributed. Thanks for the suggestion!
Clarify an initialism with <abbr>
Mention that Gowiki is only available in the US

Thanks @zudn@theres.life
Add mising description
New article: search engines with their own indexes

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    New article (draft): search engines