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Update FLoC article to reflect changed stance

Turns out there's a valid reason to use FLoC.
Add sentence summarizing privacy impl. of opt-out
Clarification on exclusion from cohort calculation

Being excluded from cohort calculation doesn't necessarily make users
less unique.
Make the post a bit less finger-pointy

- Mention another time that it's in response to online
  discussions/comments, not the authors of certain blog posts
- Clarify that there's nothing wrong with adding this header to your
  site if you manage your expectations and DON'T accuse others of
  complicity or change upstream software
Add segment about Do Not Track
Remove superfluous sentence
Clarify source of misinfo
Clarify what opting out actually entails
Add gemtext version of FLoC article
Add footnotes with clarifications
Typo: s/server/software/
New post: Permissions Policy and FLoC misinfo