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Fix relative URLs

- No relative URLs in the RSS feed except plain anchor links
- Eliminate the need for excessive "../" in URLs.
Update some article tags
Update FLOSS-related terminology

New terminology (with a footnote for more background) reduces confusion
and clarifies the difference between different viewpoints in this space.
Thanks to RMS for providing feedback.
Incorporate feedback from TWIM discussion

This article received some good feedback from #twim:matrix.org in
Matrix. Some clarifications I made:

- @cos:hacklab.fi mentioned that Element/Synapse are open-source; I
  opened the article by mentioning that FOSS alone isn't enough and
  added a note on their complexity to the matrix/element case-study
- @sorunome:sorunome.de mentioned that there is no "reference
  implementation" of Matrix; I rephrased a sentence to state that
  Element "practically serves as the reference client implementation".
- Clarify that Element builds "most of" the spec instead of being in
  charge of it; the Spec Core Team (SCT) is a different entity but is
  made mostly of Element employees.
- Changed leaving implementations out of decisions to leaving
  implementation feasibility out of decisions.
Small elaboration on Moxie's post + style fixes

- Give a sentence its own paragraph since it had a different topic from
  the rest of the paragraph
- s/really much/much/
- Add a little to describe Moxie's viewpoint, following some feedback I
  got on IRC and Lobsters.
Link to primary instead of secondary source

Thanks shivaram for the feedback
Add missing acknowledgement
New post: "Keeping platforms open"