New note: intentional telemetry
Fix torbutton source link

Torbutton security level settings have migrated into the Tor Browser, so
update the link to the source code accordingly.
Website tests: add Internet.nl, remove CryptCheck

Internet.nl obsoletes Hardenize and CryptCheck.
Also add some nuance to underline-links section
Leave GEORGE webring

Left bc I quit trying to make a good first-party iframe alternative
that conformed to my site design standards while also imparting the
message of GEORGE as intended.

Whether I join or leave, GEORGE lives on. Whether GEORGE of the JUNGLE
or CURIOUS GEORGE, GEORGE is coming and GEORGE will be known to all as
as the one true GEORGE.
More .well-known stuff
Add security.txt
New note: limited tracking and consent
auto archive dead link
Add internet.nl badge to awards
Clarification around round-trip window sizes
fix entity escaping
New note: notice box semantics
remove link from label
New note: state of the Tor Uplift
New note: Re: debunking myths about HTTPS
Drop some extra whitespace
Fix webrings and webmentions
Update info on existing search engines

- Infotiger and seekport are improving.
- Right Dao seems to be missing recent results compared to others in its
New note: RDF versus semantic HTML