v0.3.0 4 months ago

Rohan Kumar (21):
      Fix: Makefile CFLAGS for tests
      Doc: revise ROADMAP: split a milestone
      Fix: CLI: format invalid arg error msgs correctly
      Fix: make setting of default entropy reachable
      Fix: Remove bad use of len(string)
      Chore: style fixes, enforced by stricter lints
      Test: Rewrite Makefile, integrate into CI
      Test: fix format string in error output
      Fix: only allocate strings when useful
      Refactor!: replace unreachable errs with panics
      Build: Makefile: binary target srcs + flags
      CI: build non-CGO static binaries too
      Build: add OpenBSD support
      Refactor!: move pwgen to own directory
      CI: fix openbsd buildmode
      Doc: add Codeberg mirror
      Build: consistency + compatibility in Makefile
      CI: lint in CI
      Refactor: CLI: split pwgen into own executable
      Feat: add missing charset "Latin-1"
      Doc: add docs for CLI