v0.2.0 4 months ago

Rohan Kumar (20):
      Doc: update roadmap
      Feat: CLI: support secure password input
      Fix: use 256 bits of entropy by default
      Fix: use correct default charsets
      Fix: don't skip populating default energy per guess
      Feat: replace zxcvbn with own entropy calculator
      Chore: style, useless type conversion
      Doc: update roadmap in README
      Fix: handle missing physical values correctly
      Chore: more idiomatic error handling
      Fix: bad math.NaN comparison
      Test: use and comply with golangci-lint
      Chore: change unidiomatic string-length comparison
      Feat!: support password gen with minLen, maxLen
      Test: expand pwgen_test with generated testcases
      Doc: update + expand README
      Feat(cli): output entropy of given password
      Fix: CLI: add missing getopt flags
      Test: move testcase vars to functions
      Chore: add Makefile