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Doc: Add FAQs to the README

Answered some questions/comments that cmae up on IRC and Matrix
regarding (non)use-cases and decisions I made.

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@@ 92,6 92,18 @@ Two reasons: the blog post I wrote (linked at the top) got me itching to impleme

It takes a very naive approach, assuming that any attacker is optimizing for randomly-generated passwords. More specifically, it measures password entropy as if `moac-pwgen` generated the password. All it does it guess which charsets are used and measure permutations of available characters for the given password length.

### Why do these passwords look impossible to memorize or type?

MOAC is not meant to be used to generate passwords to type by hand. It's intended to be used with a password manager that auto-types or copies passwords for you.

For contexts in which you can't paste a password (e.g. a full-disk encryption password entered during boot), use something else.

### Why are there so many weird characters in the generated passwords?

Those "weird characters" are configurable; check the manpages or GoDoc for more info. I admit that charsets like `ipaExtensions` were mostly added for fun, but they can be quite useful for detecting bugs in other software that accepts text input.

Starting with v0.3.2, password generation defaults to alphanumerics and basic QWERTY symbols. I figured that this is probably for the best, as long as most of us have to work with software that breaks when encountering non-QWERTY symbols. After all, everyone knows that password entry existed long before [languages besides English](https://blog.tdwright.co.uk/2018/11/06/anglocentrism-broke-my-tests-ignore-localisation-at-your-peril/) were invented.


@@ 100,3 112,4 @@ Alternatives
- [pwgen](http://sf.net/projects/pwgen)
- [cracklib](https://github.com/cracklib/cracklib)
- The password generator/evaluator in [KeePassXC](https://keepassxc.org/)