1a1d67c15670dfd3b2f9eebc48f8bb19c3070d34 — Rohan Kumar 7 months ago c7e44a9
Test: add test case for custom guesses-per-second

Since I'm about to add functionality to the CLI to specify a custom
number of guesses per second, it seemed appropriate to test this
functionality in the library first. Surprisingly, a custom
guesses-per-second was never accounted for until now.

When I add the ability to specify custom guesses-per-second on the CLI,
the corresponding scenario test can re-use these values.
1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M givens_test.go
M givens_test.go => givens_test.go +13 -0
@@ 84,6 84,19 @@ func givensTestCases() []givensTestCase { //nolint:funlen // single statement; l
			expectedME:  198,
			name: "solar dyson sphere with GPS",
			given: moac.Givens{
				Time:             1.45e17,
				GuessesPerSecond: 2.67e42,
				Mass:             1.7e308,
				Temperature:      1.5e7,
				Entropy:          198,
			expectedBF:  0.962,
			expectedBFQ: 6.1e29,
			expectedME:  198,
			name: "only energy",
			given: moac.Givens{
				Energy: 4.0e52,