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Remove sxiv support; use imv only
Remove cover-downloading functionality
Feat: optionally notify on track change


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✨ Download and display album art or display embedded album art ✨

kunst is a deamon that extracts the album art from the songs playing in mpd and displays them in the a little window. It doesn't loop on a timer, instead it waits for mpd to send a player event. When it receives a player event, it wakes up and extracts the album art of the current playing track. This makes kunstreally lightweight and makes it idle at ~0% CPU usage. If there no embbeded album art, it will try to fetch the album art from the internet.

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  • imv
  • bash
  • ffmpeg
  • mpc
  • jq
  • mpd


#Install using make

# Clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/sdushantha/kunst

# Change your current directory to kunst
$ cd kunst

# Install it

$ sudo make install

### Install it locally

#Download the kunst source code, save as kunst, make it executeable

#and then move it to ~/.local/bin

$ curl -L git.io/raw-kunst > kunst && chmod +x kunst && mv kunst ~/.local/bin

## Usage

$ kunst --help usage: kunst [-h] [--size "px"] [--music_dir "path/to/dir"] [--silent] [--version]

Extract mpd album art, and optionally display it or notify.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --music_dir the music directory which MPD plays from --notify notify when track changes --silent dont show the output --version show the version of kunst you are using

## Configure
You can configure `kunst` through environment variables.

#Where your music is located

export KUNST_MUSIC_DIR="/home/username/Music/"

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## License
MIT License

Copyright © 2019 Siddharth Dushantha