new script: ssh pastebin
new script: qdig
remove obsolete opts from go-install
add chromium wrappers for thorium
simplify chromium-lax script
buku-upload: deploy to onion site too
cc_funcs: use ninja with cmake
upl: less noisy output
sanitize-url: handle google search tracking
buku-upload: compress and upload to all dests
update aliases/funcs
reduce fps for cava
switch to go-install
zathura: darken bg
update alacritty conf to match foot
wlsunset-wrapper: move config to top of script
make w3m-sandbox a symlink
switch BROWSER to firefox-dev

chromium was causing problems and i need some extensions. also the
forced-color support is nice, and I need some devtools.
speed up neofetch
try to use custom inter-ui font feats