My config. Nothing special about it, but having a complete history has proven useful more than once :)
Correct path for hoagie-editing
Add < > to pairs
Try emojis in mode-line for buffer status indicators


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A place to store my keyboard and Emacs configuration. I used to have more things here, but I simplified a lot of my setup.

#Emacs config

A use-package based configuration, that tries its best to be platform agnostic.
In most cases I prefer smaller packages, if built-in, even better (eg fido-mode over ivy/helm, project.el over projectile, etc.).
In the same spirit, I use Eglot for my LSP needs.
My package of preference for Common Lisp is Sly, a fork of SLIME.
My theme of choice is modus-operandi. Every once in a while I try other themes, but at most a day later I end up going back to modus.
I use a custom mode-line, based on mood-line (a text-only variant of doom-modeline). I had enough little patches and additions to it that I figured I might as well do my own thing. Which is of course more limited in scope, but tailored to the packages I use.

I have a very soft spot for the Consolas font (showing my old time MS heritage here) and in the past I have used IBM Plex Mono. Nowadays though, my font of choice is Iosevka Comfy Wide Fixed

#Version numbers

Up until April 2022, the init file Version was arbitrary and bumped on milestones (moving to use-package, changing too many settings, etc.)
Starting with Emacs 28, my config file version number will match the minimum Emacs version needed to run it. I will do my best to update the minor version on changes.

#Keyboard config

I have a Dygma Raise. There's a README with notes about the config, and exported JSON of my current layers, in the corresponding sub-directory.
There's a legacy setup using Karabiner for macOS, from when I used that at work.
And another legacy setup with KMonad from before I had the Raise and used a Mistel MD770 instead.

#Where this runs

#Home setup

Lenovo L390 Yoga running Fedora Silverblue, with just a few extensions installed:

  • Clipboard history: I got used to having a clipboard history in Emacs, and in i3, now I need it in Gnome too.
  • Tray icons reloaded: For Slack, mostly.
  • Background logo, because it looks fancy.

I really like the idea of not layering anything over the base image, so all apps are installed via Flatpak, except Emacs that I compile in each Toolbox.

#Work setup

Dell Precision 7670 running Windows 11. Emacs compiled from source using MinGW, executed under Win32, with native-comp and libjansson.
I could use WSL or a VM, but I'd rather not have one more layer of indirection (plus I used Windows for so many years, I can find my way around it...).