Rearrange line breaks to avoid spurious blockquote.
Add section on undervolting to UEFI setup post.
Add post about UEFI setup for ASRock B550 Phatom Gaming.
Spelling fixes in pyenv_env post.
Add overflow-wrap, word-wrap, and hyphens to prevent horizontal scrolling in Safari.

Add hyphens: none to pre and code so no potentially-confusing hyphens
are added to code blocks.
Update meta theme-color in base template to respect prefers-color-scheme.
Move 'segoe ui' up in the font stack.

Ordering was incorrect for Windows 10.
Add post about blocking docker swarm ingress.
Turn off pip progress bar here too.
Add update of pip, setuptools, and wheel to build step.
Enable image_process plugin for picture tag in starbucks post.
Add patch for image_process plugin.
Move TOC patch in to patches folder.
Move to pip-compile for requirements; add pelican-image-process; change config for upgrade pelican-webassets.
Try using rsync --checksum to not update unchanged files, maybe preserving etags by virtue of not modifying mtimes.
Improve commenting of site deploy logic.
Add git modification time post.
Optimize the me image.
Forgot the second test command.
Add forgotten line continuation.