Update font stacks.
Mark the deeplink svg as aria-hidden, but add a description to its parent element.

Thus screen readers and readability will ignore the image itself, but can still see the anchor element with its description if necessary.
Swap from display: none to hidden attribute for invisible metadata.

This makes the hidden content actually hidden in readability mode, and should also help screen readers to ignore it.
Don't display the nav links when printing.
Remove unneeded dedent call.
Fix template to use string version of author to index H_CARDS dict.
Fix broken div tag.
Add GitHub and LinkedIn links to h-card.
Fixes to h-card format.
Add h-card, h-entry, and h-feed support to index, articles, and pages.
Fix type annotation of isoformat function.
Don't make pgpkey the only authn option for IndieAuth.
Add ability to use IndieWeb web sign in.
Fix requirements for Debian Bullseye and allow build to finish.
Try requirements without importlib-metadata now.
Attmept to upgrade to Debian Bullseye.
Update requirements to pin importlib-metadata.


Deprecated entry points were removed in v5.0 which Pelican still seems
to use.
Update tasmota kettle monitoring post based on comments and publish it.
Update chain link icon alt text to be uniform and reference anchors instead of links.
Proofreading fixes to kettle monitoring post.