Quickly get timetables for the public transporation system Réseau Stan in Nancy, France.
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Welcome to islas! Islas is a small CLI application that makes it possible to get timetables for the public transporation system in Nancy, France (Réseau Stan) very quickly. It uses the same APIs as the Android application.


  • Install Go (version 1.11 or newer) and git
  • Clone the repository: git clone https://code.schnouki.net/schnouki/islas.git && cd islas
  • Build it: go build


  • The first time you run islas, you'll need to update its internal database: ./islas update
  • Then, add a few stops to your favorites: ./islas add
  • Now you can get their timetables: ./islas

You can change the output format with the -f (--format) option: -f simple, -f color, -f pretty. The default is to use the pretty format.

In all colorful formats, the passing times are in green if they are real-time estimations (based on the actual bus/tram GPS location), or in the normal text color if they are from the standard, theoretical timetables. Long story short: green is better :)



#About the data

This application is not endorsed by Réseau Stan, and has no authorization to use their data or their webservices.

While this application tries really hard not to do anything funny and to behave like the Android application, so that it won't cause any issue (bug, slowness, increased load) on the servers that host the timetables webservice, there can be no guarantee about that. Use it at your own risk.

#About the webservice

The timetables webservice is developed by Cityway and hosted by Réseau Stan. As far as I know there is no public documentation for them (except for another reverse-engineering effort from the TagDroid project). Another (more official-looking) project that uses this webservice: MetromobiliteWS.