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#Advent of Code

This repo contains my solutions for the Advent of Code, an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles.

I just do this for fun. Usually in Python, but I may try other programming languages. Sometimes I try to do things cleanly, sometimes I don't even bother. Sometimes I try to be clever, sometimes I just use brute borce. Sometimes I even write some comments :)

Please, try to solve the puzzles by yourself before using these solutions!


My first Advent of Code! 😊

Everything done in Python.


This year I tried to do it in Scheme... and failed hard after a few days. Maybe one day I'll go back and finish it.

#2019 builds.sr.ht status

Let's do it for fun this time! Python, with a common and unified setup for scripts, test data, input, etc.

It even has a CI that run all scripts after each commit! 😁

#2020 builds.sr.ht status

Let's do this again! Still in Python, with the same framework as last year, and with CI on Sourcehut 🎉

#2021 builds.sr.ht status

Let's do this again. Probably mostly in Python, although I might experiment with Nim :)