Nancy, France


Software engineer, full-stack developer. Addicted to free software, especially Linux and Emacs. I love sci-fi and want Firefly to be real.


Treat Emacs undo history as a tree. (Mirror of https://gitlab.com/tsc25/undo-tree)


A message queue for msmtp


Rule-based volume control for PulseAudio.


Hugo source for my blog


Versatile typeface for code, from code. Recreate the Iosevka Sparkle variant, which was removed in 5.0.0.


A smart wallpaper setter for multi-head displays


Ma présentation sur ElasticSearch à l'Apéro Web Nancy du 25 septembre 2014 : slides, jeu de données et démos


A daemon to ensure that TabNine doesn't eat all your memory


Quickly get timetables for the public transporation system Réseau Stan in Nancy, France.