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@@ 165,7 165,7 @@ of *latin* riddles.

#### First Hint: Animata magna minimis

The first mysterious hint is: Lorem ipsum.
The first mysterious hint is: **Lorem ipsum**.

The hint comes with the following links that might help you gather
relevant vocabulary:

@@ 239,17 239,6 @@ The last mysterious hint was not revealed yet!
- 2019/11/14: End of the competition
- 2019/12/XY: The score board will be published.

## Teams

There must a maximum of three persons in a team. Send your team name,
participants and the URL address of the repository that you rely on to
the [mailing
list](https://lists.sr.ht/~schemers/schemers-competition-2019-static-blog-generator) or to [me](mailto:amirouche [at] hyper [dot] dev).

- ...
- ...
- ...

## FAQ

### Should the source of my program be freely available?