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# 2021-10-07-lpc-dev

`go-present` link: [slides](https://talks.sbinet.org/2021/2021-10-07-lpc-dev/talk.slide)

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# Update - LPC-Dev
LPC-Dev, 2021-10-07

Sebastien Binet

## MIM

- work on a Go-based DAQ for Tomuvol/MIM/DIRE/...
- still waiting on a testbench to assess and characterize a few properties of that DAQ
- (no much work could be done since June 1st)

- [https://github.com/go-lpc/mim](https://github.com/go-lpc/mim)

## Atlas-Tile

- work on maintenance+improvements of the HV-TileCal monitoring system
- David Calvet wrote it in Go
- reorganized, updated (to Go standards) the package
- added unit-tests
- improved performances: `48s -> 32s -> 26s`

- [https://gitlab.cern.ch/atlas-clermont/tile/HV/HVAnaMon](https://gitlab.cern.ch/atlas-clermont/tile/HV/HVAnaMon)

## Atlas-Core

Atlas core s/w had presentation back in 2020 about improvements and developments for Run-4.
An item of work piqued my curiosity:

- modifying or defining a DSL to define the event data model (`xAOD`)
- end game being to allow (or ease) access of data to GPU and/or non-C++ languages

Started to work on such a thing (in Go, of course):

- [https://gitlab.cern.ch/binet/grok](https://gitlab.cern.ch/binet/grok)

Atlas core s/w hasn't accepted nor endorsed that strategy.
We'll see...

## Star-Tex

Still working (on and off) on Star-TeX, a pure-Go TeX engine:

- [https://star-tex.org](https://star-tex.org)


- can create DVI documents in pure-Go
- worked on a DVI->PNG converter

To allow for that conversion program, worked on:

- support for old PK-fonts (an old standard of TeX)

Now working on:

- support for Type1-fonts (Adobe)

Once done, this should allow for a DVI->PDF converter as well.

## Extra

Before COVID, to fight against loosing time whenever one needs to show slides in the conference rooms at LPC (correct cable, correctly configured laptop, etc...) I was thinking about working on a little LPC-aimed tool to present slides in the conference rooms:

- Raspberry-based, mounted on each video projector
- a REST API (only available from inside LPC) to project slides (upload slides, stream through them)

_Another idea:_ directly share one's desktop with the raspi that would project them w/ the video projector.