build container with version as tag
container registry secret
copy containerconfig
variable transmission version
sudo container
container: use public source
bfa62f61 — Charles Kerr 8 months ago
fix: handle DELETE_EVENT in create-torrent GTK dialog code (#5180)

8cdb6ec7 — Mike Gelfand 8 months ago
chore: sync translations (#5182)

docs: for macOS CI testing, need do download the "from-tarball" artefact (#5177)

On macOS, downloading the other artefact may not work on all machines.
2789a8fe — Charles Kerr 9 months ago
docs: fix missing method name in 9c436d87d
fix: hardcode BadgeView font size (#5168)

20071149 — Mike Gelfand 9 months ago
fix: split current and initially requested minimized state (#5175)

9c436d87 — reardonia 9 months ago
fix: torrentGet.wanted RPC breaking change in [4.0.0..4.0.1] (#5170)