251d7b8c — github-actions[bot] a month ago main
chore(main): release 0.21.2 (#453)

Co-authored-by: github-actions[bot] <41898282+github-actions[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>
fix(runtime): correctly set MIX_HOME in runtime (#452)

Closes #451
chore(nix): update deps hash
aee94343 — github-actions[bot] a month ago
docs: update sponsors (#450)

Co-authored-by: mhanberg <5523984+mhanberg@users.noreply.github.com>
docs: update readme
8df4b003 — github-actions[bot] a month ago
chore(main): release 0.21.1 (#449)

fix(runtime): use correct path for bundled elixir (#448)

fix(runtime): remove unused variable warnings
chore(release): use correct secret for homebrew
8bea850c — github-actions[bot] a month ago
chore(main): release 0.21.0 (#405)

Co-authored-by: github-actions[bot] <41898282+github-actions[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>
refactor(completions): improve cursor position detection (#444)

* refactor(completions): improve cursor position detection

* fixup! refactor(completions): improve cursor position detection

* use completionItem/resolve to fetch docs

- this makes completion faster because we defer fetching docs
    - we binary_to_term/encode the relevant data to put in the data
      which then gets sent back up on the resolve request
- also includes signature in docs
- makes cursor finding faster by skipping subtrees that don't contain
  the cursor position

code is still WIP, which is why its ugly

on average of typing around in the next_ls.ex file, completions seem to
be around 45-55ms. still not as fast as I'd like them, but still

* improve docs handling

* more changes

* fix variables and work in test blocks

* stuff

* use container_cursor_to_quoted instead

* wip

* add support for <-

* expand the e in SomeError pattern in rescue clause

* remove old way of gather variables

* clean up

* fix dialyzer

* fix

* remove commented out code

* another

* fix tests

* fix test
7f2f4f41 — Nikola Jichev a month ago
feat: add remove debugger code action (#426)

* feat: add remove debugger code action

A Code Action that removes the following warning checks from Credo:
  - Credo.Check.Warning.Dbg
  - Credo.Check.Warning.IExPry
  - Credo.Check.Warning.IoInspect
  - Credo.Check.Warning.IoPuts
  - Credo.Check.Warning.MixEnv

Co-authored-by: Mitchell Hanberg <mitch@mitchellhanberg.com>
feat: undefined function code action (#441)

When you have an undefined local function, this code action allows you
to create a private function stub for the function.
fix: accuracy of get_surrounding_module (#440)

fix(references,definition): better references of symbols (#430)

Closes #342
Closes #184
Closes #304
chore(nix): bump deps hash
fix: bump spitfire (#429)

fix(credo): calculate accurate span from trigger (#427)

fix: revert "fix: request utf8 encoding (#419)"

This reverts commit edd5a2a070671ca7cd3f6419ec520afdcbc96d91.
e14a611e — Nikola Jichev a month ago
feat: alias-refactor workspace command (#386)

Adds an alias refactor workspace command to Next LS.

Your cursor should be at the target module that you wish to alias.
It will insert the alias at the of the nearest defmodule definition
scoping the refactor only to the current module instead of the whole
fix(completions): correctly accumulate variables in `<-` expressions (#424)