docs: badges included in README

Signed-off-by: savoy <git@liberation.red>
README updated pointing to new mailing lists

Signed-off-by: savoy <git@liberation.red>
cleanup: updated README with links + stylized
cabaf72a — Savoy 2 years ago
Linter Fixes
66eda482 — Savoy 3 years ago
Bug Fix

stdout properly prints onto one line instead of every change propogating
as a newline.
6bff6072 — Savoy 3 years ago
New Feature: Adding items has the --progress flag enabled.
20621e58 — Savoy 3 years ago
Bug Fix: 'rm' was referencing the wrongly named sqlite table 'Root'
b1acfe9d — Savoy 3 years ago
Bug Fix: Lack of description or otherwise will still allow the script to work correctly.
87951369 — Savoy 4 years ago
Bug Fix: Correctly adds an existing IPFS has to your pinned items; parses the description value without issue; changed the DB table name to match what it should be.
575d780c — Savoy 4 years ago
Feature Change: If using ipm.py
README.md, number of column outputs has been reduced.
9b95549c — Savoy 4 years ago
Bug Fix: syntax issues
0becad1e — Savoy 4 years ago
First commit