IPFS pin management
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ipm was partially inspired by vpm to act as a helper to the ipfs-go command-line tool for IPFS, with a specific focus on pinned content.

As of now, ipfs-go can give a list of pinned items with ipfs ls. Depending on the amount of pinned items, the output can be overwhelming. Even showing just recursive items offers the file hashes with no detail on what exactly the item is. Keeping track of pins becomes a hassle of matching up hashes with descriptions/names.

With ipm, additional management is done automatically. Any additions or removals are all taken into account and labeled with either the original file name or one of your choosing, and indexed within a database. Pins are also automatically symlinked to your selected $IPM_HOME/mounts directory through the use of ipfs mount (which must be set up prior to use). IPFS hashes don't have to be remembered or kept track of manually.


Clone this repository or download the latest tarball and extract. This repo uses poetry to make management easy.

cd ipm-<version>/
poetry install

Then set-up with your IPM_HOME environmental variable pointing to the path where you want this software's data to be located.

echo 'export IPM_HOME="</path/to/dir>"' >> ~/.profile

No external dependencies are required. Optional dependencies include nnn for built-in file manager view, exa for additional info instead of the default of ls, and argcomplete for shell completion of pinned items by its given filename.


Run ipm <arg> -h for additional information on each command.

Adding a file or a directory works seamlessly, as does pinning an already existing IPFS hash. The item will be pinned to your IPFS node, the listing will be entered into your pins database, and the mount point will be symlinked to your $IPM_HOME/mounts directory with the description/name given (if none given, defaults to the original filename or hash).

ipm add /path/to/file -d <optional description/name>
ipm add Qm... -d <optional description/name>

Listing your pins will be a simple ls -lh into your $IPM_HOME/mounts, with optional usage with the nnn filebrowser or exa. Can also ls a pinned directory, with shell autocompletion (if installed) available for all items.

ipm ls
ipm ls ipfs_startup_readme

Pin removal is all based on the symlink names (with shell autocompletion if enabled). The removal will unpin the item, remove the entry from the database, and delete the symlink from $IPM_HOME/mounts.

ipm rm ipfs_startup_readme


To-be-included features can be seen through the current open issues.


Refer to the announcement mailing list for project updates and the devel mailing list for contributions and collaboration.

Issues should be directed to the project issue tracker.


This project is licensed under GPLv3.