feature: foreign key parent rows can be deleted
fix: SMS body no longer adds leading spaces
perf: simplified response store after SMS send



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Text communications broadcater.

holo is part of the larger HoloNet project, which aims to be a hub for managing external announcements, communications, and their relevant pipelines. holo is specifically the main frontend used to access and modify the mailing lists, send out communications, track their progress, and interact with its recipients.



holo requires libpostal to be installed on the system.


Clone this repository or download the latest tarball and extract. This repo uses poetry to make management easy.

cd holo-<version>/
poetry install


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


To-be-included features can be seen through the current open issues.


Refer to the announcement mailing list for project updates and the devel mailing list for contributions and collaboration.

Issues should be directed to the project issue tracker.

If you are unsure of what development to follow or which software you wish to bring up issues with/discuss, the main holonet announcement mailing list will cover updates to all related holonet software, and general discussion can be found at the discussion mailing list.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3.