Create your optimal running playlist
fix/refactor: submitting tracks to playlist
fix: better error handling for getting tracks
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Made to fill a niche use of creating running playlists from your favorite songs within a set BPM range.

Run bpm with your target running playlist, as well as any playlists you would like to feed from. It will then combine your current running playlist along with your feeders, filtering it down to only the tracks within your BPM range. bpm then gives you a chance to edit, either in a python interpreter or a CSV, the playlist tracks and their order and displaying each with its BPM and "energy" rating. Once edited, you may create the playlist with the new tracks, overwriting the previous!


Clone this repository or download the latest tarball and extract. This repo uses poetry to make management easy.

cd bpm-<version>/
poetry install


Coming soon...


lower = 156
upper = 200
double = 100

client_id = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"
client_secret = "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"



This project is licensed under the GPLv3.