Cleanup formatting
Fix formatting
Update memory usage info & fix formatting
Improve battery status
Add more system info
84a2f117 — Aaron Marcher 2 years ago
ae8a658d — Aaron Marcher 2 years ago
dd5bfc3e — Aaron Marcher 2 years ago
Add comment for FreeBSD to config.mk

Apparently `-lkvm` is needed for swap on FreeBSD

Thanks to Micheal Buch and Jason Smith
(See thread https://lists.suckless.org/dev/1907/33594.html)
9ac721c2 — Ingo Feinerer 3 years ago
Use the sioctl_open(3) OpenBSD API to access vol

Starting with OpenBSD 6.7 regular users cannot access raw audio devices
anymore, for improved security.

Instead use the sioctl_open(3) API to access and manipulate audio
controls exposed by sndiod(8). On the first call a permanent connection
is established with the running sndiod daemon, and call-back functions
are registered which are triggered when audio controls are changed
(e.g., a USB headset is attached) or when the volume is modified. On
subsequent calls we poll for changes; if there are no volume changes
this costs virtually nothing.

Joint work with Alexandre Ratchov
Add a -1 option flag

Allow slstatus to be used by programs that can grab status by calling
an external program on a periodic basis (e.g. tmux)
d1b23e55 — Mart Lubbers 2 years ago
Handle SIGUSR1 for forced refreshes

At some point one might want to force a refresh for example after
checking email or changing the volume. Sending a SIGUSR1 achieves this
Fix temperature reporting on OpenBSD

On OpenBSD although the formula is correct due to integer division a
temperature of for example 54 celsius appears as 5. this patch first
treats it as a floating point op before retaining the non decimal digits
Full battery indicator

When you reach full charge the symbol would change
to a question mark "?" as "Full" was not defined,
now it changes to an "o" instead.
2b0f50d1 — Ryan Kes 4 years ago
Add separator module
b14e0396 — Ingo Feinerer 4 years ago
Follow International System of Units spacing rules
93daf4f3 — Aaron Marcher 4 years ago
Add OS-support notice to README
Add ram and swap components on FreeBSD
10bdf01b — Ingo Feinerer 4 years ago
cpu_perc: Check for division by zero
d518472e — Ingo Feinerer 4 years ago
Fix CPU frequency on OpenBSD