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Bomberman Game

Recreation of the classic Bomberman game

How to Play

  • Ying (or P1) starts at bottom and is controlled using arrow keys and Right Control for dropping bombs
  • Yang (or P2) starts at top and is controlled using WASD keys and Left Control for dropping bombs
  • Use drop key (right & left control key) to activate remote bomb

How to Develop

  • Unity 2017.1 with .net 4.6
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • Tiled Map Editor for creating maps

How to generate maps in Unity

  1. Create a map in Tiled Map Editor (or any other map editor, though the map generation code is tied with the format Tiled Map Editor saves to)
  2. Name it "map_XX" where XX is the map number, eg., map_05 for fifth level
  3. Make sure the map has a "Map" tilemap layer with walls tiles and "Player" layer with players
  4. Save the map in Assets/Resources/Tilemaps/ as a .tmx file
  5. Create a new scene in Unity and save it with same name as the map, map_05.unity for fifth level
  6. Execute map generation using Tools/Generate map in Unity
  7. ???
  8. Profit

Next Steps

  • The current version is coop only mode with no enemies, so the players fight between each other
  • From code perspective, finding next available blocks for explosion in Bomb class can be improved
  • The grid is instantiated from origin to negative z vertically and finding the grid value requires calculating its absoulute value
  • Power ups!