ref: d1e2394c16ab1264d23a2c78607433815c3fbb23 libvmm/tests/kvm/vcpu.cpp -rw-r--r-- 13.5 KiB
kvm: Rename kvm::system kvm::System
kvm: Add aarch64 device creation test
kvm: Fix some tests
kvm: Fix ioctl used in vm::preferred_target()
kvm: Rename vm::memslot() and add non-struct variant
kvm: Update some test docs
kvm: Fix some arm tests
kvm: Update include comment
kvm: Clean up x86 tests
kvm: Add aarch64 run test
kvm: Add test for vCPU events
kvm: Implement KVM_RUN

vcpu::data() is also added as a convenience function for accessing
members of a vcpu's kvm_run struct.
kvm: Remove s390 support
kvm: Remove conflicting names in PSR test
kvm: Fix vm::preferred_target() call in Register test
kvm: Update ioctl documentation
kvm: Implement KVM_[GS]ET_ONE_REG
kvm: Implement immediate exit [gs]etter for kvm_run
kvm: Fix sign conversion issues

Mostly, unsigned is replaced with int in most places and size_t is
used where appropriate.
kvm: Fix initializer list constructor call in test