Use Openverse to pick reaction images based on a short query.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Openverse Slack Reaction Bot

🛗: Like Giphy but for openly licensed images indexed in the Openverse (with attributions).


Visit https://openverse-slack.sarayourfriend.pictures/slack/install and click the "Add to Slack" button.


To set up local environment install pdm and run:

pdm install

Then, copy the .env.template file to .env and fill in variables. Run the app using:

docker compose up -d

By default the bot will be accessible on port 54823. Set PORT in .env to change the port.


You can deploy this using the docker image hosted on GitHub container registry, either directly:

docker run --env-file=.env -p 54823:54823 --mount 'type=volume,source=openverseslack,dst=/home/appuser/app/data' ghcr.io/sarayourfriend/openverse-slack-reaction:latest

Or using the compose.prod.yml with docker compose:

docker compose -f compose.prod.yml up -d


#v0.0.1 (MVP)

  • /openverse <query> Picks a random image from the top 10 results for the query.


  • /openverse <query> \<caption\> Picks a random image from the top 10 images that allow derivitives and overlays caption similar to meme text