nvim: after/ftplugin/diff: spell is window local & not buffer local
alacritty: Add a mapping for copying URLs
alacritty: Increase font size
gdb: init: Fix deprecated logging setting & enable debuginfod
nvim: after/plugin/gitlinker: Add videolan repo
fish: functions/gl: Pipe commit view to bat

The recent tui changes to neovim cause some display issue after exiting
from it.

We need to provide the --pager option to bat for not exiting immediately
if the output size is smaller than the vertical size of the terminal.
See the --pager documentation in man bat. We use less -R instead of the
default less -RF.
sway: Assign vimiv and xdot to workspace 8
fish: functions/dotg: Sort the results on basis of time

Idea adapted from
nvim: plugins: Drop exchange and word motion
nvim: plugins: Drop sleuth now that neovim has editorconfig built-in
nvim: Add editorconfig
Specify fonts generically

Since we have a proper fontconfig in place, let that be the source
of truth for the font to be used and just specify monospace as the
font to be used everywhere else.
nvim: Use nvim-lint for linting markdown with vale

This effectively reverts 3ea83c6 and f4ee744.
vale: Move vale to $HOME

For some reason, this fixes the problem of using vale with nvim-lint.

See https://github.com/mfussenegger/nvim-lint/issues/280.
fish: functions: Drop vale alias
nvim: after/ftplugin/rust: Do not add library & toolchain source to buffer list
Revert "Revert "nvim: init: Drop tmux configuration for copying to system clipboard""

This reverts commit 2d17a75972f2447574635981472bd6f4a06a775d.
fish: functions/gdt: Disable pager for default difftool

Now that we enable pager for difftool by default, we need to disable
it when using the default difftool which is neovim.