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#Proposal: Implement XEP-0047: In-Band Bytestreams

Author(s): Sam Whited
Last updated: 2020-01-07
Discussion: https://mellium.im/issue/19


An API design is proposed for XEP-0047: In-Band Bytestreams.


In-Band Bytestreams (IBB) is the lowest common denominator for transferring binary data such as files over XMPP streams. It is slow and inefficient, but also simple and almost universally supported. Implementing it will allow us to begin experimenting with multiplexing data over XMPP streams and provide us with experience designing and implementing file transfer APIs without the overhead of learning a more complex standard such as XEP-0234: Jingle File Transfer.


  • No external dependencies
  • Ability to create a bidirectional stream (minimal API, no file transfer semantics or other extraneous functionality)
  • API must hide underlying XMPP details and provide Go stream semantics


The proposed API creates two new types that would need to remain backwards compatible after we reach 1.0.

type Conn struct {
	// Has unexported fields.
    Conn is an IBB stream. Writes to the stream are buffered up to blocksize and
    calling Close forces any remaining data to be flushed.

Some methods elided. See [`net.Conn`].

func (c *Conn) SID() string
    SID returns a unique session ID for the connection.

func (c *Conn) Size() int
    Size returns the blocksize for the underlying buffer when writing to the IBB

func (c *Conn) Stanza() string
    Stanza returns the carrier stanza type ("message" or "iq") for payloads
    received by the IBB session.

type Handler struct {
	// Has unexported fields.
    Handler is an xmpp.Handler that handles multiplexing of bidirectional IBB

func (h *Handler) HandleXMPP(t xmlstream.TokenReadEncoder, start *xml.StartElement) error
    HandleXMPP implements xmpp.Handler.

func (h *Handler) Open(ctx context.Context, s *xmpp.Session, to jid.JID, blockSize uint16) (*Conn, error)
    Open attempts to create a new IBB stream on the provided session using IQs
    as the carrier stanza.

func (h *Handler) OpenMessage(ctx context.Context, s *xmpp.Session, to jid.JID, blockSize uint16) (*Conn, error)
    OpenMessage attempts to create a new IBB stream on the provided session
    using messages as the carrier stanza. Most users should call Open instead.