v0.15.0 10 months ago

## v0.15.0 — 2020-02-28

### Breaking

- all: dropped support for versions of Go before 1.13
- mux: move `Wrap{IQ,Presence,Message}` functions to methods on the stanza types

### Added

- mux: ability to select handlers by stanza payload
- mux: new handler types and API
- ping: a function for easily encoding pings and handling errors
- ping: a handler and mux option for responding to pings
- stanza: ability to convert stanzas to/from `xml.StartElement`
- stanza: API to simplify replying to IQs
- uri: new package for parsing XMPP URI's and IRI's
- xtime: new package for handling XEP-0202: Entity Time and XEP-0082: XMPP Date and Time Profiles

### Fixed

- dial: if a port number is present in a JID it was previously ignored