ref: b2f3a9a952493ffcf467eafa59803c27fa099e2d xmpp/conn.go -rw-r--r-- 2.4 KiB
xmpp: don't panic on nil net.Conn
all: unexport and simplify Conn type
xmpp: make *Conn ConnectionState match *tls.Conn
xmpp: fix proxying of Close on wrapped io.Closer's
xmpp: factor Conn out into new file
Clarify session state docs
How do grammar?
Don't return a set of features, just allow lookup
Lookup stream features by namespace, not xmlname
Greedily negotiate optional features

Fixes #12
Add a way to get the streams encoder/decoder

This gives StreamFeatures a way to use the same encoder/decoder that
created the stream so that we don't get them out of sync with the stream
Allow features to upgrade the underlying RWC

Fixes #9
Add a `Raw() io.ReadWriteCloser' method to Conn
Always set deadlines on underlying net.Conn

Even if the rwc was upgraded to something that is no longer a conn, or
to a new conn which could get deadlines set on it even though we'd
previously set deadlines on the underlying conn.
Error if we read from a closed input stream
Error if we write to a closed output stream
Clarification for the behavior of Close()
Add API to get the most recent stream features
Save the features list on Conn
Initial resource List/Parse implementation

Negotiation is not yet implemented
Make whitespace consistent