ref: a42ef11e9469b0b65746f979e1bdf5155d1c13dd xmpp/internal d---------
all: update copyright message

[ci skip]
all: rewrap copyright comments/use xml.TokenReader
internal: various docs and linter fixes
internal: always use explicit struct field names
all: change name of stream namespace constant
stream: new SAX like API

internal/ns: add required stream namespaces
internal/xmpptest: new package for testing
all: remove Config

Fixes #38
Revert "all: remove dependency on Go 1.10 xml.TokenReader"

This reverts commit ea52cd6cfef46a3ae2275c258704e5b3a9a988a2.
all: remove dependency on Go 1.10 xml.TokenReader
internal: move stream send/recv logic
internal: add doc comments to a few functions

[ci skip]
internal: add an XML helper for getting attributes
internal/ns: add websocket framing xmlns
internal/ns: move ns package to internal/ns
Fix dial to use internal lookup functions
Move BOSH/WS lookups to internal temporarily
Simplify slice literal declarations

[ci skip]
Fix broken internal tests
Add partial Send() function